Online updates on scanned exams

Scanned exams :


 Different types of exams are being scanned

Midterm_1 /2/3 exams

(Exam_A/Exam_B (Final exam A, Final exam B


After grading the exams, they are being transferred to a computerized documentation unit (the scanning unit) by the responsible faculty secretariat for the subject. The scanning unit performs the exams scanning on an ongoing basis, so most of the exams are being scanned within one day after the exam grading was completed. Several times a day, automated messages (via email and mobile app) are sent for notifying the students that a new scanned exam was uploaded and is available.



The scanned exams would be available on the Grades portal


At on the relevant course page.



Login to the Grades portal is done using your Technion email account username (without the suffix) and your Technion email account password.



For any questions regarding a missing scanned exam, please contact the relevant Faculty Secretariat of the specific subject.



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