Enrichment Studies – The Council for Higher Education (MALAG) Courses

Enrichment Studies – The Council for Higher Education (MALAG) Courses

Starting in the 2022-2023 Winter Semester – In all undergraduate studies tracks, except for the medical tracks and tracks in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, students must complete the following during their degree program:

At least 6 credit points from the list of courses specified by the Council for Higher Education (MALAG) as enrichment studies and an additional 4 free-choice elective credit points in a four-year faculty or an additional 2 free-choice elective credit points in a three-year faculty.

We do not recommend that new students enroll in enrichment courses in their first year of studies.

We recommend that new students in their first year of studies enroll only in mandatory courses.

The following is the list of enrichment courses offered in the 2023 Spring Semester

(total of 2 credit points per course)

Current course offerings, as of 29.12.2022:

Course NumberCourse Name
214119Learning and Teaching Stem in Higher Ed.
214120Basics of Learning and Teaching
275112Human Evolution
324265Eco-philosophy:environmental Thought
324267Mind to Body:from Plato to Brain Science
324269Ethics in Action
324273Technology and Society:ethical Challenge
324274Int. to Piano Literature
324258Introduction to Orchestral Music
324282Politics of Identity in Israel
324284Comparison of Education in China-israel
324286Man and Nature in Western Philosophy
324294Foundations of Modern Jewish Dtudies
324297Personage in Bible in Light of Our Times
324307The Midrashic Literature
324314History of Science:20th Cen. and Beyond
324315The Microbes and Us:medicine
324424The Jewish Literature of Late Antiquity
324433The Holocaust As Reflected in The Cinema
324439Foundations in Japanese Art
324441Selecterd Chapters in The History of Art
324442Israeli Labor Law
324445Adjustment to Stressful Situations
324446Introduction to The History of Jazz
324520Business Entrepreneurship
324527Innovation Masterclass
324528Entrepreneurial Leadership
324540Legal Aspects of Busine.entrepreneurship
324541Bd-harnessing The Eco System
324946The Renaissance in Italy:art.cultural
324975Israel's Foreign Policy
324992Ethical Issues in The Personal
325002Artist in Residence Studio 2
325006Intro.to Archaeology in The 21 Century
326000Chpters in History and Philosophy
326001Sele. Iss. History and Phi. of Scie.
326002Ethics of Emerging Technologies
326005Mathematical Thinking
326006Quantum Theory: Philosophical Perspectiv