Announcements and preparations due the war

Announcements and preparations due the war

Common messages for existing and new students:

  • The first semester of the academic year will begin in January 14, 2024.
  • Registration for the First Semester 2023 has been extended to December 1, 2023.
  • Technion registration for the second semester of the academic year 2024 postponed. The registration dates for the second semester will be announced further.
  • The Technion preparation camp will continue to operate. The classes will take place through both face-to-face and distance learning, students who are near the campus can come to the meeting that will be held at the Technion in accordance with the security guidelines. Depending on the situation, we will examine options for activating an additional preparation framework for studies near the beginning of the school year.
  • Since the beginning of the war, the Technion is prepared for any emergency, and we stand ready for any changes in the guidelines of the Home Front Command. We ask again: please ensure you are prepared for emergencies and are updated for the relevant procedures. Make sure you know the location of shelters nearest to your office and your home. Please do not contend yourselves with looking through the list, but visit the relevant locations. For a list of the safe rooms and shelters on campus.
  • For guidance on how to behave during a missile attack.
  • To stay up to date, please download the Technion app. Android users: Apple users: Please make sure you permit “push notifications” from the app.
  • The Security Unit’s hotline operates around the clock at 04-8292222. More details can be found at
  • October dormitory rent has been waived for students called up for reserve service.


Changes to the Academic Calendar and Accommodations for Students Due to the “Iron Swords” War


Exams dates for the academic year 2023

To see the exams dates you can visit the page: Exams board (in Hebrew).


Tuition payments

  • All tuition payments which are due in the coming months (December and January for undergraduate studies, January and February for graduate degrees) are postponed by a month.
  • Tuition payments, which were due in the coming months (November and December for undergraduate studies, December and January for graduate degrees) are postponed by a month.



  • The following outline for rent payment in the Technion dorms is relevant for November 2023.
    For more information. 
  • This update aims to make things easier for dormitory residents, and in particular those who have been called up for reserve service. The update includes a full waiver for November rent to students called up for reserve service and their partners. Additionally, Students who have confirmed their residency status by 26.10.23, and do not currently live in the dorms, can return their room/apartment key, evacuate their residence, and will not be charged for November. The empty rooms/apartments will serve for housing families evacuated from the North or South of Israel. Students’ entitlement to the dorms will be kept until the beginning of the academic year. For full benefits list, visit the dean website.


Submission of final projects and lab reports

  • Submission of final projects and lab reports for the 2022-2023 academic year will be postponed until four weeks into the 2023-2024 winter semester. If necessary, the teaching staff will extend the submission deadline at their discretion, but no later than seven weeks into the winter semester. Teaching staff are requested to notify the students about the postponement of submissions through the usual channels.
  • A dean’s announcement following the current state of war.


Graduate academic requirements

  • We are also extending all deadlines related to graduate academic requirements (such as thesis submissions, candidacy exams, etc.) to December 2023. Scholarships will proceed without interruption. Students granted “conditional acceptance” who are pending completion of their bachelor’s degree will be permitted to initiate their studies and receive scholarship benefits. We will soon release additional guidelines for graduate students about conducting research remotely during this emergency period.
  • Graduate students in “conditional admission” status who are waiting to complete their bachelor’s degree will be able to start their studies and receive scholarships.


Center for counseling & support

The Dean of Students Office remains available to provide assistance.
For any concerns, please reach out to the student counselors at 077-8874112 during working hours, or at the following emails:


The Technion is setting up a “mutual responsibility” center

This center serves the Technion community and their families. In the coming days, the center’s activity will expand to assist the residents of the North and the South, and the armed forces. You are invited to take part, both as volunteers, and as recipients of aid.