Exams Regulations Spring 2020


:MOED A exams will start on 05.07.2021, here are some update

In light of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health on the obligation to wear masks indoors, especially in places it is not possible to maintain a distance of 2 meters or more between people, here are a few highlights

  •          The exams will be held on campus. Masks should be worn throughout the exams
  •         Students who are in isolation or diagnosed with Corona on the day of the exam can submit an application for an alternative exam date. please attach an official confirmation from a qualified medical source about entering isolation or being verified patients.  The application should be submitted on the website
  •         The date of the alternative examination will be no later than five weeks from the publication of grades of the MOED B. It is the responsibility of the faculties to determine the date in coordination with the midterm exams of the winter semester of 2021 and the dates of the alternative exams in the other subjects
  •         Students who are in isolation are requested not to attend exams in order not to endanger their classmates

!Please note

  1.  Information about your exams, date and place, can be seen in the STUDENTS system
  2. Those entitled to an extension of time were placed in extension rooms. If you are not placed in a suitable room, please contact us by email: Hashgacha@technion.ac.il as soon as possible, with your name and ID number
  3.  The examinee who has time extension must arrive to the examination room with printed time extension document and present it to the supervisor
  4.  Students who have received approval for taking the exam on a computer – For full details, please read the information in this link
  5.  Please note that MOED B exams require registration. The registration for the MOED B exams will be done through the STUDENTS system. Please check the start and end dates for MOED B registration in the system

Wishing you good health

Examination Department