Traveling Abroad for the Summer

Dear students and Post-docs,

Please note that according to the current restrictions of the Ministry of Health, non-Israeli students who return from abroad must remain in quarantine on campus in Technion’s designated “Forchheimer” guest-house for 14 days, after obtaining an entrance permit from the Ministry of Interior through the Technion.

At this stage, home quarantine is not allowed, even if you are renting an apartment, or have a family in Israel. In addition, it is not possible to quarantine in the Technion dorms as they do not meet the Ministry of Health restriction requirements.

Those who decide to travel abroad for the summer must take into account that you will be required to quarantine upon return in the “Forchheimer” guesthouse, at the cost of 180 NIS per day paid for by the student and based on availability.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to reconsider traveling abroad, as you may not be able to return for the beginning of winter semester 2020.

Best regards,


      Michal Kesary

      Student Affairs and Visas Coordinator

      Technion International

      Tel: +972-77-887-1852